What Informs My Work

The analogy of emotional "baggage" is more accurate than people realize. Imagine beginning therapy with a large suitcase filled with all your experiences, feelings, ways of thinking and feeling, and instructions to your life written by everyone else but you.

Therapy is the process of unpacking your suitcase, looking at each item and making a decision about whether you want to keep it as is, alter it before you put it back, reclaim parts that have been lost or discard it altogether. You get to decide.

We will look at all the items you choose to examine using the following lenses.


You are looking for therapy because you want something in your life to change. Now. You are looking for relief and we will find what brings greater peace in your life as quickly as possible. Together, we will work on you making the smallest change to see the biggest difference in the level of ease with which you move through your world by discovering practical tools that are easily implemented, accessible, and actionable.


After we get you settled into a more comfortable level of ease, we'll dig deeper and look at the core of the issue. This is the difference between treating a broken bone and treating the reason the bone keeps breaking. It is the difference between a band-aid solution and treatment that is much deeper, more full and has greater sustainability. Real treatment gives you the skills to take on any challenge that life throws at you because you will respond more frequently out of presence, courage, and awareness.


I will probably share all kinds of details about what may be going on inside you physically and emotionally (because I'm a science geek that way). Those details are not only interesting but, also helpful in determining the next step to living life intentionally. What you can do to get control of that out of control feeling. How to calm yourself when distressed. How to think through a problem. Or, how to get a better night of sleep. The more you understand the science of you, the easier it will be for you to make the changes you want to make.


Insight is wonderful when in the moment in when it occurs. Everything seems to fall into a place of clarity and understanding. But, change happens in what you do with insight. Change comes through practice, habit-building, and honing skills to a place of competence and confidence. This is where the magic of therapy happens. You and I will work together to create a plan to turn insight into the reality of how you live and move through the world.


Spirituality is different for everyone and it is the place out of which we understand meaning, purpose, and contribution. Spirituality could be a relationship with a Higher Power, a Numinous Being or simply your core and your sense of rightness as to how you are to live. Whatever the case, if it matters to you and you want to discuss it, we will discuss it.

"The Kitchen Sink"

Well, not literally the kitchen sink! I mean everything and anything is a potential topic of discussion. We will pull from every area of your life. Your secret love of all thingsĀ  science fiction and fantasy - the first season of Dororo, red kryptonite, the fact that you have secretly read Harry Potter for the millionth time, your favorite Magic (the Gathering) card in your vast collection, and using your middle schooler as an excuse to play Fortnite or Destiny. We may talk about current political events, what you are currently reading, your experiences at work, or even the guy who grunts loudly at the gym when he uses free weights. It's all a part of your life and you may glean new insights about what is important to you as we discuss every precious bit of what grabs and hold your attention on a day to day basis.

"One Size Does Not Fit All"

Like fingerprints, no two of us are alike. Your experiences, how your brain is wired, and your experiences have made you uniquely you. What works in therapy with someone else may not be helpful to you. I will adapt homework (or not if you're not a homework kind of person), treatment modalities, and questions to what resonates and works best for you.

If any of this fits for you, I look forward to hearing from you!