Single Session Consultation ($250.00/1.5 hours)

Contrary to popular belief, more therapy isn't necessarily better therapy for the generally worried well public experiencing the common struggles and confusing aspects of life.

Clients use a single session because they are concerned about prevention, want to get ahead of something that could be a potential problem if not addressed, or they simply have a question about life.

Single session consultations make it possible to access therapy sooner rather than later and getting the resources, skills, and information needed when you need it. As a result, they can save you considerable amounts of money, time, energy, and angst.

You can use single sessions for a variety of reasons.

  • Parenting questions and strategies
  • Relationship check-up
  • Check-in to determine if therapy would be beneficial
  • Looking for resources and direction regarding how to move forward
  • Creating a plan to manage through a life transition
  • Next steps due to a new challenge, be it physical, emotional or relational
  • Looking for an objective opinion on a complex decision; "Am I on the right track?", "What do you think?" or "Am I missing anything and do you have any other suggestions?"

My question to you will always be, "Let's start with the end in mind. What is the best that could happen by the end of our conversation?"

Anything can be discussed within an hour to get you to the place of confidence because the goal is to generate a plan that is immediately actionable to bring about quick course corrections and relief.

Better therapy is better therapy.

And, sometimes, one session is all you need to make the shift you need to move forward with confidence.

Individual Sessions ($150.00/1 hour)

Individual sessions are exactly that - individual. They are one-on-one conversations as part of a larger number of sessions because you want to accomplish something deeper over a longer period of time.

Generally, most of my clients see big changes within the first five sessions and feel confident to move to an as needed basis after about 15 sessions.

How many individual sessions you have and with what frequency really depends on how much you want to unpack. What works best is beginning with weekly sessions and then to space them out as you become more at ease in your life and comfortable with your new-found skills.