What Do You Really, Really Want?

I’ll tell you want I want; what I really, really want! Wait! Why are the Spice Girls coming to mind? Before I forget, Happy New Year everyone! The New Year is an important marker in many people’s lives. It marks the end as well as, and more importantly in my mind, the beginning of exciting […]

Parenting Quick Tips

(Note: I personally hate it when people tell me how to parent my child! But, that doesn’t stop me from honestly consider suggestions that might fit my life, me and my child. So, feel free to take and implement what is helpful and leave the rest behind.) Parents usually enter my office worried and full […]

How Do You Want Me To Listen?

    Millions of people have watched this video over the last few months and many of my friends (and, admittedly, I myself) said, “That’s so true! It’s not about the nail! He’s not listening!”. And, we have all made comments from the other side’s perspective as well, “I was listening. It’s so obvious; why […]

Spirituality in Therapy (or “M.Div.?”)

Whenever I give my business card out, people are quick to point out the “M.Div.” after my name. It is usually followed by, “You went to seminary?” Often followed by, “Do you only work with Christians?” And, then, “Do you only work from a religious perspective?” So the answers to the questions are “yes”, “no” […]

Children and Sleep Problems

Connie is a young mom who is frustrated with her nine year old son, Matt. “I know he can pull it together because he can do it at school.” Her conclusion, “He’s just choosing to misbehave.” The pattern that Connie describes is one where Matt is well-behaved at school, but when he comes home, he […]

To Post or Not to Post…Pics of Your Kids?

A couple of years ago, an absolutely creepy application was released on Facebook during the Halloween season. It’s an interactive short film that shows a grungy and crazed looking man rifling through your Facebook page, accessing all your information and finding out where you live. The application actually uses the contents of your Facebook page […]

A Genuine Apology Requires Empathy

Here’s a frequent conversation couples have in my office: “Why do you always have to bring that up?! I have apologized for that so many times. I don’t understand what you want from me.” “No, you don’t understand. It still bothers me.” “You need to let it go. Why are you hanging on to it? […]