Approach & Style

My approach and style have to fit you, your personality and what you are trying to accomplish. Here's how I think about therapy and change.

Collaboration and partnership.

Therapy is not about telling you what to do. It is about two people with very different areas of expertise working together to find solutions for you. I am the "expert" on what has worked over 20 years of doing therapy with hundreds of clients and the areas of my specialties. You are the "expert" on you, what works for you, and what doesn't work for you.

Everything I may recommend is only the beginning of an idea which can be shaped or discarded by you depending on your sense of fit. You ultimately have the final say in how you want to move forward.

Compassionate understanding, efficient resolution.

My purpose is to help you develop the ability to think critically about your problems, to solve them on your own terms, and to gain control over your own thinking and behavior.

I understand how important it is for us to self-soothe and learn to make ourselves feel better. When you learn how to do this, you’ll have the tools you need to move beyond therapy into a productive life of well-being.

Brief and solution-focused therapy.

Therapy will take as long as it will take and not any longer.

I am intensely empathetic and goal driven. I want to help you make the breakthroughs that will define new life patterns and create personal happiness in the shortest amount of time necessary. This is why I utilize specific techniques that significantly decrease time in therapy while remaining highly effective.

A productive space.

Objectivity, collaboration, and experience make a world of difference.

Providing an emotionally safe space is critical to any conversation. I am here to act as a knowledgeable and trusted source for advice, providing the insight and coping skills necessary for you to move forward.

The importance of the big picture.

I believe in holistic therapy that integrates all parts of a person's life. It's all connected and everything in your life is grist for the mill.

People often concentrate only on what they consider "the problem" and do not examine the other areas of their lives that might be contributing to the problem. There are also many parts of our lives that can provide solutions, insight and a way of languaging that can bring support and clarity.

Be prepared to have all of your life to be brought into our conversations - including TV shows you watch, your hobbies, things you are reading, your relationships, that movie you watched over the weekend, and even the pizza you had last night for dinner.

By providing "total-life" therapy that focuses on personal narrative, I can help you develop effective solutions and skills that address both your specific circumstances and needs as well as the bigger picture.

Movement, not perfection.

Life is difficult and it will never be perfect. Neither will we ever be perfect no matter how hard we try.

It is not my goal to keep you in therapy for forever.

My goal is to get you re-connected to your personal skills, abilities, talents, and ways of thinking that you are already in possession of. Therapy is most helpful when we need support to make changes, learn new skills, and co-create solutions we could not have come up with ourselves.

When you're done, you are done.

The questions are everything and meant to draw out your strengths.

Many of my clients tell me I ask questions they have never been asked before. Questions that make them think and have the potential to reshape their world view. All the knowledge and research I have accumulated over the years is for the purpose of intentionally asking the "better questions", getting you to the answers you already have inside you.