Headshot022014Difficult experiences and life changes such as stress, childhood abuse, workplace bullying, death of a loved one, violence, or divorce can lead to depression and anxiety and contribute to challenges in relationships between couples, and also between coworkers and peers – which can make it difficult for people to get true fulfillment and satisfaction from their lives and careers. On the surface many are living lives that are admired, but inside they are harboring feelings of “not being good enough” and other illogical self-defeating negative beliefs about themselves.

Total Life Therapy

You may have tried therapy before and stalled or hit a dead end.
It may be time to try something different…

My holistic therapy takes into account all parts of your life that could be contributing to a given problem, as well as an understanding of how to resolve it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

By focusing on you as a whole person, issues you’re facing get confronted on multiple levels. This is one of the ways I get people “unstuck” in therapy and moving freely towards their goals. Not only do I want to help you cope with troubles – I want to help you be free of them.

Relationships Matter

We understand ourselves and others through relationships

My training in Family Systems Theory takes into consideration the relationships that influence, have shaped and surround you.

My clients feel confident to bring their most precious relationships into therapy – their children, families and partners. There’s nothing worse than feeling disconnected from the people you love. Therapy focuses on reconnection, healing and rekindling your relationships.

Childhood Trauma Creates False Beliefs

Childhood trauma results in automated behaviors that don’t work in other contexts of life as an adult.

Using a technique called EMDR, I help you get to the root of your troubles and “clear them out” quickly and effectively.

Start Living Now!

Are you ready to find a sense of closure and peace to difficult emotions? Isn’t it time to improve your relationships and fulfill the potential you know you have?

I don’t collect clients – I help people heal. You’ve been hanging on to hope… now it’s time to realize it.