Helping people dump their emotional baggage and get on with life.

Trauma has had a nasty history of interfering with the life you would like to live.

The bad things you have experienced or others have done to you make it difficult, if not impossible, to live the life you want. You have trouble focusing on the present and feel, instead, like you are observing your own life from an impossible distance.

You stay up at night tossing and turning, thinking about how to manage what happened to you instead of planning how to accomplish your dreams which have always felt out of reach.

Trauma interferes with your relationships (including with yourself) and work. Relationships feel unmanageably risky and you have a trail of broken and painful relationships behind you. It's difficult to say "no" because your greatest longing is to be be be understood but, it is easier to stay safe if you remain separate. In your closest relationships, you still feel isolated and disconnected from the love and care available to you.

Trauma leaves you with a general state of uneasiness. It leaves you on edge and waiting for the next "bad" thing to happen because your mind convinces you that the world and the people in it are not safe - everything feels dangerous and you are constantly vigilant of the unexpected.

You are not what happened to you.

Underneath all the awful stuff that has been piled on you by others, there lies who you were meant to be.

You are carrying baggage that was never your responsibility.

Take control and be the author of your own story from this point forward.

Let's get to who you were meant to be if you hadn't been pushed off course by someone else writing the story of your life to this point.

Therapy can help you:

  • Find freedom from a painful past
  • Find direction in your life and career
  • Shift persistent negative thoughts and get unstuck
  • Experience more joy and move forward with confidence
  • Build trust in yourself and have greater self-compassion
  • Master strategies to be more resilient

Let's start a new chapter in your life so you can move forward into a future lived on your terms.

I offer practical and goal driven psychotherapy to get you reconnected with who you are under all the negative things you have experienced.

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