Who do I work with?

I work with smart leaders and entrepreneurs. They are future thinkers who disrupt the status quo with their insane creativity, out of the box thinking and industry disruptive innovations. They push the envelope and they push to limits they never imagined.

The entrepreneurs I work with have their brains on overdrive all day...every day. Their time is valuable and in high demand. Their stamina, determination, and sheer will often keep them moving.

The one thing they often don't have time for is attention to themselves and their internal emotional environment.

This is a recipe for mental health issues that has the potential to pull their attention away from creating their best work, impact their relationships negatively, and can even drain the passion from the things they love doing the most.

My clients have worked hard to build their businesses and careers to the level that brings acclaim and the finer things in life.

I work with motivated and dynamic people who are hungry for more Life.

More joy.

More peace.

More authenticity.

More impact.

My job is to help entrepreneurs and leaders remove, once and for all, the obstacle of trauma. Freeing them up to move up and into the next level of influence and impact on the world.