You cultivate the image you are okay – successful and have it all together.

On the inside, however…

…you feel like a fraud.

You are:

Not sleeping well and kept up at night by anxiety or worry.

Struggling to keep up with your life.

Feeling behind in your life and don’t feel like you can catch up.

Feeling like a fraud and afraid someone will find you out.

Comparing your life to others and you feel you always fall short.

These feeling could be a result of a number of things including relationships and experiences in your life that have been critical, dismissing and abusive to your spirit and soul. These can leave you disconnected from who you are, your values and the things that bring you joy.

You are now ready to do what it takes to get you and your life back.

Therapy can help you:

Find freedom from a painful past.

Find direction in your life and career.

Shift persistent negative thoughts and get unstuck.

Experience more joy and move forward with confidence.

Build trust in yourself and have greater self-compassion.

Master strategies to be more resilient

I offer practical and goal driven psychotherapy to get you reconnected with who you are under all the negative things you have experienced.

Let’s get to the real you.